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Screenplay Coverage

Get submission ready with our industry standard screenplay coverage. Whether you're looking for basic notes on a short film, a thorough assessment of a TV pilot, or a scalpel to open up your blockbuster, CoverWrite has you covered.  

We cover all genres to an exceptional standard. Our expert readers work within carefully crafted guidelines to evaluate your screenplay; using the five categories of characterisation, premise, storyline, production value, and dialogue to judge the quality of your work, we eventually award a final mark of “pass”, “consider” or “recommend”. We also add two additional categories unique to us: The Writer, and General Recommendations.

Coverage should always be objective, and our readers take care to weigh opinion against professional judgement. Each one of us cares about your work, so we like to explain our criticisms and offer our own suggestions on every project.

We want to work with you, and that's why with every purchase, no matter how big or small, we'll be on hand to offer email correspondence for any questions you may have with no extra charge.  We also invite you to re-submit for FREE after you have made your changes. Be it in a week, a month, or a year, it really doesn't matter. 

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The Short Film Package- £25

For screenplays up to 15 pages.  We will provide:
- 1-3 page industry standard coverage using our 7-category system. 
- Suggested changes and notes. 
- Final grading. 
- 4-6 working day turnaround. 


The TV Package- £39

For screenplays up to 65 pages.  We will provide:
- 3-5 page industry standard coverage using our 7-category system. 
- Suggested changes and notes. Logline suggestions and pitch notes.
- Final grading.
- 5-7 working day turnaround. 


The Feature Package- £49

For screenplays up to 140 pages. We will provide:
- 4-8 page length industry standard coverage using our 7-category system. 
- Suggested changes and notes. Logline suggestions and pitch notes.
- Final grading. 
- 5-8 working day turnaround.


The Feature Plus Package- £69

For scripts of any length. We will provide: 
- 4-8 page industry standard coverage using our 7-category system. 
- Suggested changes. Logline suggestions and pitch notes.
- Structural proofing and fix suggestions.
- Final grading. 
- 5-8 working day turnaround. 


The Feature Supreme Package- £99

For scripts of any length. We will provide: 
- Unlimited length industry standard coverage using our 7-category system. 
- Suggested changes.
- Individual character dissection (1-2 pages per main character) and suggestions. 
- Structural notes.
- Final grading & Skype chat.
- 6-9 working day turnaround. 


The Godfather Package- £149

For scripts of any length. We will provide: 
- Unlimited length industry standard coverage using our 7-category system. 
- Suggested changes.
- Page by page detailed notes.
- Structural notes.
- Detailed dialogue and scene notes. 
- Character dissection and suggestions. 
- Final grading & Skype chat.
- 7-10 working day turnaround. 

Why Coverage?


Coverage is a system of analysis to categorise and evaluate your screenplay.  Typically used to assess the quality of a script in a professional environment, it is now more often used to give writers detailed feedback on what their script needs to get to a sellable state.

Our offering of coverage is a little different to other companies out there; instead of just pointing out where a script is falling short, we place more emphasis how elements can be improved, and why we feel our suggestions are a good move. 

This gives you a wire frame to work from on your next draft - ultimately giving you the tools to make your screenplay great.  

Why Choose Coverwrite?


We offer a meticulous and personal service that revolves around quality, in depth, unique work that cannot be replicated by any other company out there.  We strive to earn the respect and relationship of every client, and that's why we are here to help you at the drop of a hat.

CoverWrite offers unbeatable speed, quality, price, and understanding with our services—things that are often lost along the way in this industry.

Instead of wasting your time with grandiose claims, we'll make the point that we are not a talent agency: We are writers, and as writers, our sole priority is to get our clients work up to a standard that can be submitted with confidence, by you, to relevant parties when the time is right.   

We read, write, and edit scripts 24/7, and frankly we're damn good at it. We're not in business to sell you the chance of an opportunity, we're in business to give you the tools to go out and grab that opportunity when it arises.

All coverage and editing is completed in-house at our London headquarters and never outsourced to an unsupervised reader or editor.

Many other services will approach your art in a robotic "business" fashion. Not us. We believe in a dynamic approach that not only ensures your script ticks the right boxes, but that it showcases your voice and abilities in such a way, that you distinguish yourself on those pages. 

With us, you get a writers feedback you can trust, from professionals who loves what they do, and at a price that cannot be beaten. 

What makes us qualified?


Our readers and editors have worked with hundreds upon hundreds of screenplays both in a professional and personal capacity. We've also written thousands of pages of our own screenplays; we understand the craft as a business, but also as a personal passion we know each of our clients share.  

As well as an undying love for film and screenwriting, we possess real life experience in the industry, and maintain our ear to the floor with what's going on around us. 

Anyone here that you hand your work to is an expertly trained screenwriter who can objectively, yet passionately, analyse your work to an incredibly high standard of quality.