Our mission


To put it simply: We want to see you succeed.

"So, what makes you different?" I hear you asking with your hand raised above your head.

Well, Mr questions, we take the opinion that the most important aspect of any screenplay is the writer. Your voice is the single most powerful tool you possess. Yes, your writing should impress producers, agents, big-wigs, etc, but it should first impress the biggest judge of them all: YOU.  We want to see your personality shine in your work, and that's what we aim to bring out of you. Our coverage will provide you with a second-to-none professional outlook, but it will also give detailed explanations on what we think are your biggest qualities, and what we think can improve.  

Rejection is a common theme in the film industry, and all of us here have experienced it in one way or another. The issue we take is not with the rejection itself, but the lack of explanation as to why.  Bad advice is worse than no advice, and such gems as "It's not quite there" or "It's just not what we're looking for" don't just cut the mustard with us. How can you fix a car if you don't know what's broken?

Creative writing is our heart, our soul, our craft. So, when given the opportunity to work with like-minded individuals, we give it everything we've got.

Our aim is to help you better your creations to a level that can compete with the very best in the industry. To do that, we work tirelessly to absorb ourselves in your stories; we'll believe in them, we'll live them, and we'll love them with the same adoration as you. Only then can we truly help you get what you deserve out of your work.  

We specialise in helping craft the perfect script for contests, pitch fests, submissions, and self-funded productions. Our aim is to provide you with the tools, tips, and suggestions that you might have overlooked in order to get your work to a standard that can't be ignored.

From the smallest of short films to the biggest budget blockbusters, we understand the art of storytelling and screenwriting. We understand what it takes to succeed. We understand the dedication it takes.


CoverWrite was founded by screenwriter, reader, and freelance script editor Ash Turner. He has worked with numerous producers and writers on a wide range of projects to provide script coverage, editing, ghostwriting, and quality analysis. He is also head writer on a video game project due to be released in the next 12 months.